Fossil Free Pitt has been working hard to get the University of Pittsburgh to divest from fossil fuels for nearly six years. Their noble struggle continues with a sign-on letter effort described in the announcement I’m sharing below (they wrote the announcement). NOTE: You do not need any formal affiliation with Pitt to sign!

Please take a look at the information below and sign the letter if you’re able. I just did. 🙂

~ Mark Dixon, NoPetroPA


On Friday, September 27th, 11 student organizers from Fossil Free Pitt Coalition traveled to Johnstown, PA to attend our Board of Trustees meeting. At the meeting, the students rose one by one to disrupt the meeting and deliver their demand for a vote on Fossil Fuel Divestment at the Board’s next public meeting on February 28th, 2020 and full divestment by April 2020. 

As our organizers read a one-page letter the Secretary of the Board of Trustees told us that we should go through the proper channels. It’s been nearly a 6 year-long campaign, we’ve been waiting for the proper channels to bring justice and they haven’t. We don’t have another 6 years to wait. We’re demanding action now before it’s too late. It was a really amazing and powerful action and we’re really excited to keep organizing towards divestment this year and participate in international escalation next semester. You can find a video of the action here and a copy of the letter here. You can also read news coverage from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette here! 

After our action on Friday, we’ve released a sign-on letter for individuals and organizations to join our movement and support our demand.

We invite everyone who supports our demand to sign the letter, whether or not you are affiliated with the University of Pittsburgh or even the Pittsburgh area. 

We are working to get as many signatures as possible before this Friday Oct 4th but the form will be open until February. If possible please sign the letter before Friday, October 4th. You can find the sign-on form here!! 

We ask that if your organization signs on to the letter that you also have all interested members of your organizations sign on as individuals. Additionally, if you are a coalition we would appreciate if both the coalition and all coalition members sign on separately to have the most amount of signatures as possible to show the strength of our movement. 

Please share our sign-on link and you can also share our official twitter and Facebook posts. 

We greatly appreciate your support and we look forward to sending out an announcement that Pitt divested soon! Please reach out with any questions, concerns, or desires to collaborate in our work towards justice. 
in solidarity,

Anaïs Peterson- on behalf of Fossil Free Pitt Coalition

3 thoughts on “Sign-on to Fossil Free Pitt’s Divestment Letter

  1. Fossil fuels must remain in the ground for the future of the earth. It’s that simple. It can’t always be about the money.


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