If you’re eager to learn more about stopping the rollout of the fracking-based petrochemical industry in the tri-state area of Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia, you’ve come to the right place! We believe that the Shell Ethane Cracker, Falcon pipeline, and related petro industries have no business doing business at the expense of our health.

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Air and Water Quality at Risk

Nighttime photo of Shell Petrochemical Plant in Beaver, PA 6/3/22. Bright lights on industrial towers reflect off of river below.
Shell Petrochemical Plant in Beaver, PA 6/3/22. Photo by Mark Dixon.

The massive proposed Shell Ethane Cracker Petrochemical Plant under construction in Beaver County (just upwind of Pittsburgh, PA – map), if constructed, will make plastic from locally fracked natural gas. The facility would become the largest VOC emitter in western PA (up to 2.3x more than Clairton Coke Works [sources]), increase local demand for fracked natural gas, emit massive quantities of climate changing CO2, trigger the construction of the Falcon ethane pipeline that crosses the Ohio River, and become an anchor facility in the petrochemical industry’s drive to turn this tri-state area (PA, WV, OH) into the next Cancer Alley. We believe that there are countless other ways to bring jobs and economic vitality to Southwestern Pennsylvania that DON’T pollute our air and water. Read more about it here, sign this petition to ban fracking, sign up on our e-mail list here, then join our #NoPetroPA Facebook Group and Fan Page to stay in the loop about local events and action steps!

“Shell Chemicals expects its new petrochemical complex in southwest Pennsylvania to come online by year-end, Royal Dutch Shell CFO Jessica Uhl said Feb. 3.” (Quote from SPGlobal.com)

Shell expects its new facility to come online by the end of 2022, but community advocates have been warning local residents about the impacts of this facility for years, and will continue for years into the future. Watch them speak up in the video below, then check out how to keep your “Eyes on Shell” via the “Eyes on Shell” resource page, complete with tips and contact information for keeping a close eye on Shell’s industrial activity: https://www.marcellusawareness.org/eyesonshell.

Many people ask whether this facility is a “done deal.” Before you make your own decision, consider this video answer:

(Full speech text here) (Facebook video)

Here are maps showing the site location:

Resistance to the Shell Ethane Cracker, Falcon Pipeline, and related regional petrochemical development is strong and growing fast! Join us!

Paddle Against Petro on June 8, 2018. Photo by Mark Dixon/Flickr.


Photo by Mark Dixon/Flickr.


Photo by Mark Dixon/Flickr.
Just a tiny fraction of this massive facility.
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