This event has the possibility of being a very large protest and a major opportunity to bring attention to the problems associated with the Shell Plastic Plant in Beaver. PLEASE try to attend, bring friends, and share this information widely. Hope to see you there! ~Mark Dixon, NoPetroPA Co-Founder

United We Stand – Protest Against Trump
(The following is reposted from the United We Stand Facebook Event)

Tuesday, August 13, 2019 at 1:30 PM
Beaver County Courthouse
3rd St., Beaver, PA

Looks like Beaver County is on again for the dubious distinction of playing “Host” to Donald Trump. Grass Roots volunteers, organizations, and activist groups will come together on Tuesday at the Beaver County Courthouse to protest his invasion of our True, BLUE American communities! Healthcare, Gun Control, Immigration, Climate Change, and Equality are all things you should be concerned about. If you’re not upset, you’re not paying attention.

Sponsors: Move On, Democratic Volunteers of Beaver County, Southwest PA NOW, Womens March on Washington Pittsburgh, Indivisible Pittsburgh, Partners for Progress Southwest PA, People Over Petro
Coalition [Mark’s comment: NoPetroPA is a part of People Over Petro], 12th CD Chapter of Progressive Democrats of America, Cease Fire PA
Note: We are open to activist group sponsors!

The organizers thank everyone for coming and ask that you all do a few simple things. Please hand carry all signs, no sticks or flag poles, nothing that could be seen as a weapon. In the event there are any disturbances please leave the area immediately, return to your vehicle. Always respect and follow the direction of any/ all law enforcement. Civil disobedience is NOT part of this rally.

Please sign up (not required but helps the event go viral) here on Facebook:

Trump Inauguration, Jan. 20, 2017 – Photo by Mark Dixon, Blue Lens

17 thoughts on “Trump to Visit Shell Plastic Plant: Join the Protest

  1. This looks powerful, but it is not clear by the language that Trump will be there Tuesday. Can someone please clarify? Thanks.


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