The following is re-posted directly from the announcement e-mail from What’sSUP. It is not an official NoPetroPA event but we encourage participation! –Mark Dixon

For 2019, we will attempt to slay the dragon of single-use plastic (SUP) … in our own homes, where we shop, where we dine, and where we work.
We kick things off on Sunday, January 20 with an extravaganza (!) of facts, eco-products, action groups, and the documentary “Bag It!” We’ll work through February – with a Valentine’s Day tribute to our love for mother Earth –  through Lent and the Spring Equinox, right up to Earth Day in April. Our goal is to make this fun as well as effective. So bring your best ideas and get ready to roll up your sleeves.
Please join us for the kick-off of the What’sSUP Challenge on January 20,(Pittsburgh Friends Meeting House in Oakland, 1:30 – 5:30)

  • Review what we know about just how unhealthy plastic is for our bodies, our oceans, and our climate.
  • Hear from Dianne Peterson about replacing disposable products with more sustainable choices. Shop from her selection of eco-products.
  • Form Action Teams of people pursuing similar goals. For example:
    • Quantify it! What’s the SUP footprint of my home, my workplace, my church? How fast can it be reduced?
    • Challenge local grocery stores and restaurants to reduce their SUP
    • Coordinate a visit to a recycling plant and learn the limitations of recycling
    • Research on demand: A “Plastic Facts” team
  • Snacks
  • Starting around 4:00, watch the documentary “Bag It!”

Here’s what you can do next.

The January 20 kick-off:

  • Can you come? If so, please RSVP with 
  • Would you need childcare?
  • Ideas for additional Action Teams?

Help us publicize the Challenge:

  • Forward this email to others who might be interested
  • Print the attached flyer and leave it in strategic place.

This is going to be fun. Please join us.

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