I recently found a small batch of plastic nurdles and created a photo album free for anybody to use for any purpose without credit. Go ahead and use them! Just please consider sharing news about the citizen struggle to stop the petrochemical hub in SW Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia.

The following photos are shared into the public domain by their creator, me, Mark Dixon. Free to use for any purpose. If you would like to give credit, even though it is not required, feel free to credit “NoPetroPA.com”. Full photo album and official license information can be found here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/9602574@N02/albums/72157702378213952 .

Plastic nurdles are tiny pieces of plastic that constitute the primary feedstock of plastic manufacturing. Nurdles are created by ethane cracker plants like the Shell facility being constructed north of Pittsburgh, PA in Beaver County. This massive facility will create up to 1.6 million tons of plastic annually from fracked natural gas, and is permitted to generate over 2 million tons of CO2 annually. It will pollute the air and water of the region to make a product that is actively being banned for choking our oceans. The Shell Cracker project is resisted by a wide array of citizens and groups, but is supported by local politicians including PA Governor Tom Wolf, Senator Bob Casey, and Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald–all of whom are Democrats who say they support the Paris Climate Agreement. The Shell Ethane Cracker is part of a broader fracked gas petrochemical hub under construction in SWPA, OH, and WV that, if completed, would dwarf Louisiana’s Cancer Alley. Learn all about it here: nopetropa.com/ . These photos are provided free for anybody to use for any purpose. No credit is required. All I ask is that you consider spreading the word about our struggle to stop this petrochemical plastic invasion of Appalachia. Thanks! ~Mark Dixon, photographer lens.blue/

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