[Doug Shields at Food and Water Watch requested the following notice be shared. Slightly edited by NoPetroPA]

As you may know, Plum Borough is about to finally vote on a new zoning ordinance that would allow for fracking in a significant portion of the borough in the newly created “Rural Residential” zoning district.

We (Food and Water Watch) worked with the community and had asked that the Council limit fracking to only the industrial zones in the borough.

This is an urgent appeal. The final vote on this is scheduled on Monday.

We (Food and Water Watch) have a Call Fire phone banking system that is web based. All the volunteer needs is a cell phone and a computer. The system does the rest. It automatically dials the number, and it also has a Smart Drop voice mail feature that will leave a pre-recorded voice-mail with a click of a button and takes you on to the next call.

Please make an appeal to your lists asap. If people are interested, send them to Doug Shields at dshields@fwwatch.org. Doug will get them set up.

The following article from the Trib highlights some local concerns:  http://triblive.com/local/plum/13041585-74/environmental-group-calls-for-delay-on-plum-fracking-vote

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