Climate Change Testimony by Barbara Litt

I feel like the health of most Pennsylvanians (and all who breathe the air in the Pittsburgh region) is being sold out. The cracker plant is estimated to produce as much CO2 as half a large coal-fired power plant (or as Grant Ervin explained, as much as about half the City of Pittsburgh). The methane emitted from leaky pipelines, wells, and plants is likely to be much more than the small amount used in calculations that tout fracked gas as a solution to climate change.

Letter to Bob Casey re: Threat of Shell Petrochemical Plant in Beaver

I had the pleasure of hearing you speak last night at the East End Brewery in Pittsburgh, and was heartened by what all you said. I couldn't stay for the entire Q+A but wanted to follow up with some concerns that I have about what I feel is the most pressing threat to our regional air quality: the proposed Shell "Cracker" Plant in Potter Township, Beaver County, PA. Shell, one of the most notorious polluters in the petrochemical industry, wants to build an enormous facility on the banks of the Ohio River to turn fracked natural gas into throwaway plastic items.