North Braddock residents (via Edith Abeyta) have activated an action alert calling on everyone to send questions via email to the East Pittsburgh Zoning Board regarding the upcoming virtual public hearing for a conditional use permit in their community by Merrion Oil and Gas.

The conditional use permit was revoked by East Pittsburrgh Council because it expired. Merrion is appealing the revocation. More details on this will be shared on the 
North Braddock Residents for our Future Facebook page tonight.

In the meantime, please consider sending questions to the zoning board on opposition to fracking within close proximity to the thousands of residents in Braddock. 

Also please request that the public hearing is held IN PERSON since the region is now in the GREEN.


Public testimony at the hearing is limited to East Pittsburgh residents only. This is an opportunity for non-residents to raise concerns now. 

Take notice that the previously scheduled meeting of the Zoning Hearing Board March 31th is rescheduled and will be held on Monday, June 15, 2020 at 7:00 pm and will occur virtually. The hearing may be viewed at: or by phone at +1 (470) 8692200, 1491689167

APPEAL: ZHB-2020-01
APPLICANT: Merrion Oil and Gas
LOCATION: United States Steel and Union Railroad property at the Edgar Thompson Works
LOT: Parcel ID No. 376-G-1 and 376-A-100

REQUEST: Applicant seeks relief from the decision of Borough Council that consistent with Section 806 of the Borough of East Pittsburgh’s Zoning Ordinance the conditional use permit granted to the Applicant expired two years from the date of Borough Council’s decision granting the conditional use.

The application is available for review Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the Borough Offices. Interested parties may submit comments in writing by 12 noon on 6/15/20 to or mailed to 813 Linden Ave., East Pittsburgh, PA 15112. Public comment during the hearing will be limited 3 minutes each and to East Pittsburgh residents only.

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