Live: Citizens Protest Trump’s Visit to Shell Ethane Cracker Plant. This “United We Stand” rally brings attention to a range of causes as Trump celebrates Shell’s toxic chemical/plastic plant with a visit. NoPetroPA is streaming because we seek to highlight the catastrophic impacts of a pro-petrochemical and pro-plastic policy on our health, our climate, our oceans, and our democracy. Be sure to read up on the community’s concerns about the facility here:…/open-letter-to-president-trump-re-…/ .

From the formal event description: “Looks like Beaver County is on again for the dubious distinction of playing “Host” to Donald Trump. Grass Roots volunteers, organizations, and activist groups will come together on Tuesday at the Beaver County Courthouse to protest his invasion of our True, BLUE American communities! Healthcare, Gun Control, Immigrants Rights, Climate Change, Women’s Rights, Labor, and Equality in general are all things you should be concerned about! We stand united for healthy, clean communities and reject the vision of a fossil-fuel future. If you’re not upset, you’re not paying attention. Let’s come together and stand united!”

2 thoughts on ““United We Stand” Rally Against Trump: Full Event Video

  1. It’s nice to see all the speakers but it would be great to include some framing showing the crowd and all the signage and costumes? The video showing the speakers only gives the impression there’s just a handful of people there.


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