[Updated 1/20/19] This event has concluded, but you can watch a video of it here:

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The Petrochemical Invasion of Western PA

Its environmental consequences and What Can Be Done about It.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019 at 7:00 pm

Unitarian Universalist Church of the South Hills (Sunnyhill)

1240 Washington Rd. Mt. Lebanon, PA 15228.


Matt Mehalik, Executive Director of the Breathe Collaborative and its communications platform, the Breathe Project The Breathe Collaborative is a coalition of local residents, environmental advocates, public health professionals and academics with a common commitment to advocate for the air the Pittsburgh region needs in order to be a healthy, prosperous place.

Patricia DeMarco, IWL Member, Author: “Pathways to Our Sustainable Future – Global Perspective from Pittsburgh“, Forest Hills Borough Council, 2016-2020

Robert Schmetzer, Chairman of the Beaver County Marcellus Community / BCMAC . and Citizens to protect the Ambridge Reservoir. CPAR. 

Terri Baumgardner – Beaver County activist, Field Organizer for Clean Air Council, volunteer with Beaver Marcellus Community and Citizens to Protect the Ambridge Reservoir

A major part of this event will be a discussion between audience activists, and the presenters. Please join us for this excellent educational event.

Sponsored by:  The Izaak Walton League of America, Allegheny County Chapter

Our Mission: To conserve, restore, and promote the sustainable use of our natural resources; and To unite the environmental movements of Western PA

Event Description: On the heels of the shale gas rush that’s swept the U.S. for the past decade, another wave of fossil fuel-based projects is coming — a plastic and petrochemical manufacturing rush that environmentalists warn could make smog worse in communities already breathing air pollution from fracking, sicken workers, and expand the plastic trash gyres in the world’s oceans. The current petrochemical and plastics industry is located in southern Louisiana, as well as eastern Texas. With the continuous disruptions brought on by climate change – hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, massive storms, etc. – fossil fuel conglomerates such as Shell, Exon-Mobil and Sunoco are, as a recent Shell Study stated, “…heading for the hills.”  The hills of Western PA and Eastern Ohio that is!

2 thoughts on “Event: The Petrochemical Invasion of Western PA

  1. Hey, January 15 is my birthday, so I’ll respectfully decline the invite. Unless I’m asked to speak on how we can each contribute to reversing this madness by eating lower on the food chain. Better yet, ask Jeff Cohan of Jewish Veg to give that talk with the already planned panel. I dare you to step out of the solely what has classically been the Environmental alarmist box into the joy of a whole food, plant based diet for all and help people understand the intersection between what they eat, animal agriculture & climate change. Hey, Al Gore moved to a vegan diet last year. It’s time we get this conversation going!!! Blessings & if you’re not the right person/ people for this note, please pass along to the Isaac Walton League! Blessings & Happy Holidays & you’re all invited to the inaugural Vegan Spirituality-Southwest PA gathering on January 21. Details on the Facebook page! Elisa Beck 🙂



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