The good people at Protect Elizabeth Township have put out a request for community support to resist new natural gas development. There is a hearing on Thursday, December 20, at 5pm. Learn all about it at the Protect Elizabeth Township website here. Their website has questions to ask, phone numbers to call (for all the Elizabeth Township commissioners), and details about the upcoming PUBLIC hearing. Here is an except from the PET website:


Thursday, Dec. 20 5PM

Middle School Auditorium (Elizabeth Forward Middle School, 401 Rock Run Rd., Elizabeth, PA 15037)

We need you!! 

The commissioners need to hear what the people think and feel about rezoning residential areas into industrial areas without research from within and not from multi-billion dollar companies making promises they will never be able to keep.

Here are some examples of questions to ask ALL of the commissioners—

we voted them in to office, hold them accountable for the trust you gave them!

  • Why did you schedule a meeting when people are still at work?
  • Why did you schedule a meeting 5 days before Christmas?
  • Why are you holding an immediate vote following the same meeting? What’s your hurry? 
  • How can you make a decision to vote when you need to review everything from the meeting? This decision could change the infrastructure of ET for years to come. 
  • Is it true we do not have a host agreement from Invenergy? Why would our solicitor not advise to protect our community? Would he advise his clients to rent out their home to strangers without a rental agreement or lease?


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