The Shell Ethane Cracker petrochemical plant under construction in Beaver County is designed to make plastic. Lots and lots and lots of plastic. And lots of pollution. And community challenges. So our community will be having a conversation to explore the nuances of plastic: the industrial roots, the problems, and the solutions. Please join us this Saturday, August 11, from 11am to 2pm at the Wilkins School Community Center at 7604 Charleston Ave., Pittsburgh, PA. Details below the graphic…

rethinking plastics header 36983690_2132598070102506_4697658756748541952_n

Open to the Public

Saturday, August 11, from 11am to 2pm at the Wilkins School Community Center at 7604 Charleston Ave., Pittsburgh, PA

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Patricia DeMarco
Local Environmental Scientist & Author of “Pathways to Our Sustainable Future: A Global Perspective from Pittsburgh” (2017)

Panel Discussion Lead by Mark Dixon, filmmaker
-The local connection: Fracking/Cracking & Plastics
Doug Shields: Food & Water Watch
-Sustainable Alternatives
Dianne Peterson: Activist & owner of “Our Children Our Earth”
– Waste Management, and Recycling
Myrna Newman of Allegheny Clean Ways,

Vegetarian lunch included thanks to Chipotle!

A selection of Eco- friendly products from “Our Children Our Earth” will be available for purchase.

With appreciation for support from:
Wilkins School Community Center, Marcellus Protest, Senator Jim Ferlo, The East End Co-op, Our Children Our Earth and Concerned Citizens

More details and updates at:

This is not a formal NoPetroPA event, but we encourage all our readers to attend!


One thought on “Re-Thinking Plastics: A Public Forum

  1. Hey Mark, you ought to invite Charles Schlieb to the Re- thinking plastics event. He showed up at our Sustainable Monroeville meeting Monday evening. None of us knew who he was until we looked him up after the meeting. He’s a BIG GAS guy and Hugely behind the Cracker. Go to the Sustainable Monroeville Facebook page to see what the speakers said. I live streamed most of what the speakers said, but I did not stream the attendees introductions when he was talking about his great work at the Energy Innovation Center. No more words. Elisa



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