If you weren’t at last night’s amazing information session about “what to expect” from fracking near Fox Chapel, have no fear! You can watch and share the entire event right here on NoPetroPA via Facebook. This is a comprehensive look at unconventional gas well drilling, from the process, to the air impacts, water impacts, and human impacts, brought to you by people who know and care. There is also essential information for communities eager to take action to resist fracking. Take a look and share widely. Allegheny County is must prepare to resist fresh round of pressure to drill near so many of our homes, schools and parks.

Event hosted by Fox Chapel Fracking Safety Awareness


Speakers included:
Patricia DeMarco Ph.D, Carnegie Mellon University
Ryan Hamilton Esq, Hamilton Law, LLC
James Fabisiak Ph.D, University of Pittsburgh
John Stoltz Ph.D, Duquesne University
Ned Ketyer MD, Pediatrician
Lois Bower-Bjornson, Impacted Citizen

[UPDATE: April 24, 2018 – New Photos of the fracking well near Fox Chapel]

Here are a number of photos of the new fracking well near Fox Chapel. You can find these and more at: https://www.flickr.com/photos/9602574@N02/albums/72157667983532118 . These photos are licensed CC BY 4.0, so you are welcome to use them for any purpose so long as you give attribution to “Mark Dixon/Flickr”. Thanks! (Click the photo to see a close-up.)


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