NoPetroPA is re-posting this information pulled directly from a recent call-to-action letter shared by North Braddock Residents For Our Future. What’s coming up? They’re requesting that people sign up to speak at tomorrow’s Allegheny County Council meeting to speak out against the planned fracking well at Braddock’s Edgar Thomson Mill. Mark Dixon will also be speaking at this event and filming. Just remember you need to sign up to speak by 5pm today, Monday, 2/5/18. Additional details below (NoPetroPA supports their efforts, but all facts, links, and claims are theirs and have not been independently verified by NoPetroPA)…

Who are we? North Braddock Residents for Our Future first organized to prevent fracking at the Grand View Golf Course. Our group was able to work with the North Braddock Borough to define zoning policy that prevented the intense industrial burden of fracking in the middle of our densely residential community.

What’s happening now? Merrion Oil & Gas Corp has leased a 10-acre tract of land at the Edgar Thomson Steel Mill and plans on building a well pad on the land that spans the North Versailles-East Pittsburgh border. A permit has been approved by North Versailles for the well pad and East Pittsburgh has approved a permit for the construction of supporting infrastructure.
However the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has not received an application from Merrion Oil yet and that means that construction cannot start on the well.

What the frack?! But really, what is it? And why does Merrion and US Steel want to frack the Mon Valley? Are the arguments for jobs versus environment true? How do I explain to someone the dangers of fracking? Below are informational links that can help you with all of these questions and more.
– Rebuttals to Statements heard from the Shale Gas Industry
– Start spreading the word about protecting children from shale gas development in your community
– Stories from communities experiencing the consequence of local fracking
– Fracking: Health Effects & Worker Safety

Action 2: Speak out!
Speak at the Allegheny County Council meeting Tuesday, Feb 6th at 5PMsign up by Monday Feb 5th at 5PM. Speaking points can be found here. County of Allegheny 119 Courthouse – 436 Grant Street Pittsburgh, PA 15219.

Action 3: Organize your friends and neighbors!
Use the information above to inform your friends, family and neighbors about the dangers of fracking and why you don’t want it in our community!

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